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Sometimes we provide documents in other formats - to view these you will need extra software.

On some pages in the site you will see links to files which may be in formats that need software in addition to your browser.

If you have Microsoft Office installed, then .doc, .rtf, .xls, and .ppt (and their Office 2007+ "x" versions) will open automatically. Sometimes this happens in your browser window, otherwise the files usually download to a temporary directory and then open with the Office program.

If you have Office 2003 or older installed you can download a compatibility pack for your office version which allows you to work with Office 2007+ files.

If you do not have Microsoft Office you can use Office Online for most products.

To read PDF files you will need the Adobe Reader.

We will not offer any file in a special format unless we warn you and provide full instructions on how to deal with it.

If you prefer not to install products from Microsoft and Adobe, there are free and open source alternatives available. Some of these can even be used without installing them. Try a search for "FOSS PDF viewer" to see a selection.

If you have problems with any download contact the webmaster and they will help you get the document.