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Apply for a blue badge

What is a blue badge?

The Blue Badge scheme is a national scheme designed to give people who are registered severely sight impaired and who are unable or virtually unable to walk the ability to park close to the facilities and services they need to use, so as to improve their lifestyle, independence and freedom of choice.

Am I eligible for a blue badge?

The Blue Badge Information Sheet gives an overview of the scheme, explains who can apply and answers some frequently asked questions. To apply go to or get further information from The Department for Transport.

I am a first time applicant, how do I apply for a blue badge in Gloucestershire?

You can apply on-line at

My current badge is about to expire how do I renew it?

A blue badge is only valid for up to three years, so if you are still entitled to a blue badge you need to complete a reapplication form at least 4-6 weeks prior to when your badge expires - You can apply online at

You should receive a reminder letter along with a reapplication form approx. 6-8 weeks before your current badge expires - you do not need to request an application form.  If you have moved house in the last three years then we may not know, please contact us to let us know your new address.

If you haven't received your reapplication letter during this period please email

Your current badge is valid in the UK until its expiry date.

How much does a blue badge cost?

The current cost of a blue badge in Gloucestershire is £10, as recommended by the Department for Transport.  However, if your  application is unsuccessful, we will return this payment to you.

Further information

Should you have further queries, that haven't been answered in the Blue Badge Information Sheet, please contact either:

The Blue Badge Team

The Adult Social Care Helpdesk

or obtain further information from The Department for Transport.