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The Cheltenham Transport Plan proposed Traffic Regulation Orders page can be found here.

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Cheltenham Transport Plan

On this page you will find more information about the Cheltenham Transport Plan.

The Cheltenham Transport Plan (CTP) is a long held Cheltenham Borough Council (CBC) policy to improve the quality of life in the town and increases its economic prosperity. The CTP was first considered by the local Civic society in 2000. The key objectives are to transform the town centre environment and provide improvements for pedestrians, cyclists and people using public transport whilst also making it easier for drivers to access car parks. Three public consultations between 2006 and 2008 showed that about two-thirds of respondents supported the CTP objectives and ideas.

The delivery of the CTP has given approval by GCC cabinet in phased process in July 2015. A phased delivery of the CTP allows monitoring of both the benefits and any additional effects. These can then be addressed and, if required adjusted, before the next phase is implemented. The broad timescales for implementation of the CTP are:

  • Phase 1: Albion Street - starting April 2016
  • Phase 2: Imperial Square - Early 2017
  • Phase 3: Royal Well - Summer 2017
  • Phase 4: Contingent on the successful implementation of the other schemes, a Boot's Corner experimental order and trial scheme - Summer 2017


Phase 2 - Imperial Square

Work on Phase 2 will begin in the new year 2017


The phased plan includes carrying out a study of the traffic in Cheltenham once each phase is constructed. This will then help to inform whether or not amendments are required prior to the construction of the next phase.

For more information about the Cheltenham Transport Plan proposals please view the adobe_acrobat icon Cheltenham Transport Plan Guide [4Mb]and the adobe_acrobat icon Cheltenham Transport Plan Display Boards 1 [3Mb] and adobe_acrobat icon Cheltenham Transport Plan Display Boards 2 [9Mb]

 The Guide and event display boards include the following:

  • Air quality management and proposed measures for improvement.
  • Proposals for junction amendments and sign de-cluttering.
  • Anticipated changes in traffic patterns following traffic restriction at Boots Corner.
  • What happens next?
  • Options for the future enhancement of Boots Corner.
  • How the scheme is funded.

You can also visit Cheltenham Borough Council's website for more information about the Cheltenham Transport Plan and the work of the Cheltenham Development Task Force

If you cannot find what you are looking for it could be on the Cheltenham Transport Plan Consultation (CLOSED) page.

If you have any further questions about the changes to the road network please contact

If you have any questions about the overall background of the scheme please e-mail Cheltenham Borough Council or calling CBC Swichboard on 01242 26 26 26.