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LGPS Member forms

Forms for members of the Local Government Pension Scheme.

Pension Starter Information Pack - Entry to Scheme by Election

If you are not currently a member of the Local Government Pension Scheme but wish to elect to become one, please complete and return the election form enclosed within this pack.

LGPS Pension Starter Information Pack - Entry to Scheme by ElectionOpens new window

Pension Starter Information Pack - Auto Entry to Scheme

If you have recently been admitted to the scheme Automatically by your employer, you should hopefully have already received this pack directly from them. If you have not, please print off the relevant document below and complete and return the appropriate forms within the pack.

If commenced membership
before 1st April 2014

Pension Starter Information Pack - Automatic Entry to SchemeOpens new window

If commenced membership
after 31st March 2014

LGPS 2014 Pension Starter Information Pack - Automatic Entry to SchemeOpens new window

50/50 Contribution Flexibility Form

(To opt for the 50/50 section or to return to the main section of the scheme)

The LGPS now offers members the option to pay lower contributions to the Scheme; this is known as the 50/50 section. The 50/50 section allows you to pay half the regular contribution rate to build up half the level of pension benefits. However, you continue to retain full life assurance and survivor partner and dependant's benefit cover.
This form should be completed and returned direct to your Employer, should you wish to elect for the 50/50 Section of the Scheme, or alternatively return to paying full contributions in the main section of the Scheme.
Please note: you cannot make an election for the 50/50 section of the scheme until on or after your first day of scheme membership. Your election cannot therefore be signed and dated before that date.

LGPS 2014 - 50/50 flexibility formOpens new window

Opt Out Form

Complete this form to opt out of the Local Government Pension Scheme. (You may feel it appropriate to seek financial advice before following this course of action).
You may also wish to consider opting for the 50/50 section of the scheme as an alternative to opting out completely. Further information is provided in the LGPS 2014 - Full Employee Scheme GuideOpens new  and the relevant election form is provided in the 50/50 section above.
Please note: following the implementation of overriding legislation on "Safeguarding Individuals Rights", you cannot Opt-Out of the LGPS until on or after the date your employment commences. Your election to Opt-Out cannot therefore be signed and dated before that date.

LGPS Opt Out FormOpens new window

Expression of Wish Form for Death Grants

Complete this form to nominate someone to receive any Lump Sum grant payable in the event of your death.

Expression of Wish for Death GrantsOpens new windo

Notification of Cohabiting Partner Form for a Survivor's Pension

Complete this form to inform us of a cohabiting partner to receive a Survivor's Pension in the event of your death.
Please note:

  • that the scheme automatically provides for survivors pensions where you are either married or have entered into a civil partnership and therefore it is not appropriate to complete this form.
  • you must have a period of active membership of the LGPS scheme after 1st April 2008 for there to be potential eligibility for your cohabiting partner to survivor pension cover
  • whilst there is no requirement under the LGPS Regulations for you to inform us of a cohabiting partner for survivor pension cover, we would strongly advise that you do so.
    In any event, please read the form very carefully, as there are a number of conditions that must be satisfied to ensure a cohabiting partners ongoing eligibility to survivors pension cover.

Cohabiting Partner Notification FormOpens new 

Election not to receive a State Pension Forecast with Annual Benefit Statement

Each year, you will be sent an Annual Benefit Statement which will provide a personalised illustration of your benefits in the LGPS scheme. In addition, it is our intention to also provide you with an illustration of your State benefits, as provided by DWP (where possible). Receiving a State Pension Forecast is the default option and you will receive one as part of the Annual Benefit Statement exercise (DWP technical issues allowing) unless you have made a positive election NOT to receive one. If you DO NOT wish to receive a State Pensions Forecast in the future and have not made and returned such an election, please complete and return the form to the address shown

Combined Annual Benefit Statement FormOpens new window

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