Apply for a child performance licence

Many children enjoy performing, whether in plays, films, advertising or on television and parents enjoy supporting them. However, laws exist which are designed to protect children's welfare and prevent them from being exploited.

A licence will only be issued if we are satisfied that:

  • the child's health will not suffer and
  • the child's education will not suffer (a licence is required if the performance requires absence from school, even if the assignment is unpaid) and
  • the place of performance/rehearsal is satisfactory and
  • the child will be chaperoned at all times (this can be the child's own parent or a registered chaperone hired by the applicant) and
  • the conditions of the licence will be observed.

We require a letter from the Head Teacher of the child's school to ensure that the child's education will not suffer if a licence is granted. A licence will not be issued without the school's permission.

The law applies to all children from birth until completion of compulsory school age.

When is a licence not necessary?

A licence is not required if:

  • the performance is unpaid and
  • no school absence is required and
  • the performance lasts for four days or fewer and
  • the child has not performed within the previous six months.

How do I apply for a licence?

When must the licence application be made?

Applications should be submitted 21 days before the performance takes place.

Applications received with less than 21 days notice may be refused.
(Please note that we need to be in receipt of ALL paperwork in order to begin processing a performance licence).

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