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Check Primary/Junior School Offer 2017: Admission to reception at Primary school/ Year 3 Junior School & lower to middle school places for September 2017

Tuesday 18th April 2017 was National Allocation Day, the day a place at a school/academy was offered to your child.

  • Parents who applied on line received an email confirming the school/academy offered. 
  • Parents who submitted a paper application received a letter detailing their school allocation 

If you applied on-line you can also view your allocation by clicking on the below link tab and logging into your account.

Family Portal Log In


If you are happy with the school/academy offered you can accept, if you applied online, via the family portal above or by returning the reply form if you received your offer by post.

If you are not happy with the school that your child has been allocated you can request to go on the waiting list of your preferred school/s. If you have been notified by post your allocation letter will detail the process to follow. If you have been advised of your allocation via email the email will detail the process to follow.

You only need to complete either the online reply form or the paper reply form. Please do not complete both.

The closing date for waiting list requests is Tuesday 2nd May 2017.

We recommend that you accept the allocated school place as this in no way affects any request to go on the waiting list or appeal for an alternative school place but does ensure that your child has a school place for September 2017. 

Please note if any schools on your waiting list can be offered, your original offer will be withdrawn and given to another child. If you require the original offer back, you may have to go on a waiting list which will be held in accordance with the school’s/academy’s admission criteria.

You will be notified of the outcome of your waiting list request after 16th May 2017

If you unable to submit a request to go on a waiting list using the link in the offer email please complete the online reply available on the right at the top.

Late applications for September 2017

The online application process closed on 15th January 2017. 

You can make a "Late" application by completing the common application form (see downloads on the right) or by sending an email application using the below format.

Child's name:

Child's Date of Birth:

Child's address:

List up to 5 schools in order of preference and include any extra information such as sibling to include sibling's name, address & DOB, child in care, religion etc

Your name:

Your address if different to the above:

Your relationship to the child:

Your contact details:

Please be aware that as a late application you will be notified of the outcome until after 16th May 2017.

Key dates

  • From November 2016 Letters sent out explaining how to apply for a school place. If you are a Gloucestershire resident and you still have not received a letter by December 2016 please contact coordinated admissions
  • From 7 November to 15 January 2017 online application facility open.
  • Sunday 15 January 2017 - Closing date for all applications
  • Tuesday 18 April 2017 - Allocation Day. (How to appeal for a school place - Reception 2017 Entry Only)
  • Tuesday 2 May 2017- Closing date to return reply form accepting the school/academy place allocated or requesting to go on waiting list
  • After Tuesday 16 May 2017 - Letters sent out advising outcome of waiting list requests
  • Friday 26 May 2017 - Closing date for return of reply forms
  • June - July 2017 - Appeals

Important! Please read the admissions booklets for 2017/18 and the information (on the right) which provides essential information about our admissions procedures and policies.

In Gloucestershire children can start primary/infant school/academy, if their parents wish, in the September of the school year in which they become five. For children due to start in September 2017 the child's date of birth falls between 1 September 2012 and 31 August 2013. The school year starts on 1 September.

We have three types of primary school:

  • Infant for pupils aged 4 to 7 in 3 year groups - Reception, Year 1 and Year 2
  • Junior for pupils aged 7 to 11 in 4 year groups - Years 3,4,5 and 6
  • Primary for pupils aged 4 to 11 in 7 year groups from Reception through to Year 6.

In certain circumstances your child may get help with the cost of transport to school. We need to know how many children need transport several months before they start school in September so you need to apply as soon as you know which school your child will be going to.

You can find out how to apply on our school transport pages.

Making an application

Did you know that you must apply to the county council for a primary school place, even if you have put your name down at a school or your child has an older sibling at that school?

Every year, there are parents who do not put in an application form for their child as they believe they do not need to do so, having put their child's name down at their preferred school.

Others don't apply as they think that their child will be automatically admitted to the school their older brother and sister attends or to the school that the child's nursery or pre-school is linked to.

An application must be made to the county council for every child starting school in September 2017.

Parents can apply online 24 hours a day, seven days a week from November until midnight on January 15th or by completing a paper form which can be downloaded from the same site or requested from the county council's Co-ordinated Admissions on 01452 425407.

Full information on the admissions process and information about individual schools is available in School Admission Guidance and Infant, Primary and Junior booklet available online. It is important for parents to read this information before applying for a school place.

Parents are encouraged to list five preferred schools on their form as school places cannot be guaranteed - failing to include second, third, fourth and fifth preferences could lead to children being allocated school places parents would not have listed. Parents must apply online or return their form by January 15th 2017.

Parents will find out which school they have been allocated on April 18th and will need to return the reply form by May 2nd. After May 16th, if parents have requested an alternative placement, or have made a late application, they will receive the result of the reconsideration of the school place application. Appeals will be held for admission to schools during June and July.

If you have any questions about primary school admissions, contact Gloucestershire County Council's Co-ordinated Admissions on 01452 425407.

If you only put one preference, you will be allocated that school

No. You could disadvantage yourself by not using all your preferences. If you only name one, you will only be considered for that school and if you don't get in, you could be allocated a school far away.

If you name the same school in all five preferences, you are considered five times for that school

No, this is the same as only naming one school.

Schools will only look at those children who have named them as first preference

No, schools do not know in which order they have been named. An equal ranking system is used to allocate places.

A child who has been baptised is guaranteed a place at a faith school

No, if the school receives more applications than places available the places will be offered in line with over subscription criteria of the school. These can viewed in the Infant, Primary and Junior Booklet .

If I think my preferred school will be oversubscribed, there is no point applying

You should list your preferences in your preferred order (the order you which you want them considered) as demand for places changes every year.

I am guaranteed a place at my local school even if I don't name it as a preference

No, you must name your local school if you want to be considered for a place there. If we cannot offer any of your preferences and you have not applied for your local school, it is unlikely you will be offered a place there.

Attendance at pre-school

Attendance at any pre-school group does not give a child a higher priority for admission to a particular school. Places are offered in line with the over subscription criteria of the school

Catchment areas

Generally, there are no catchment areas for primary schools. However, for Voluntary Aided, Academy or Foundation schools, you should check their individual admissions criteria in the Infant, Primary and Junior Schools Information booklet

The earlier I apply, the greater chance I have of getting my first preference

No, all applications are treated equally, regardless of when they are received as long as they are received by 15th January 2017.

Contact us

If you have not managed to find an answer to your question in the information above please read the School Admissions Guidance Booklet 2016/2017 available in the download box or contact the Co-ordinated Admissions Team.

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