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Some of the links below and links within the policies go to information on Staffnet. If you cannot access Staffnet you will need to request a copy of the document from Information Management.

Information management and security policies

Key policies

adobe_acrobat icon Data Protection Policy [502kb]

adobe_acrobat icon Freedom of Information Policy [187kb]

adobe_acrobat icon Information Security Policy [318kb]

adobe_acrobat icon Information Strategy: 2014-2018 [257kb]

Acceptable use policies

adobe_acrobat icon Email Acceptable use policy v1 5 December 2016 [354kb]

adobe_acrobat icon Government Connect Secure Extranet (GCSx) Acceptable Use Policy [142kb]

Good for Enterprise acceptable use policy (Staffnet - ICT)

adobe_acrobat icon Internet Acceptable use policy v1 5 December 2016 [340kb]

Access to personal information

adobe_acrobat icon Access to Deceased Person's Records Policy v1-0 [213kb]

adobe_acrobat icon Disclosure of Service User Personal Information to Third Parties (March 2015) [261kb]

adobe_acrobat icon Estranged parent information sharing protocol [265kb]

adobe_acrobat icon Subject Access Policy [146kb]

word icon Subject Access Form (Word version) [1Mb]

adobe_acrobat icon Subject Access supporting procedures [209kb]

adobe_acrobat icon What's in my social care records? [62kb]

adobe_acrobat icon Your information - The social care record guarantee [208kb]

Breach Reporting

adobe_acrobat icon The Information Security Management Policy [224kb]


adobe_acrobat icon Information Compliance Complaints procedure [167kb]

adobe_acrobat icon Vexatious Requests Policy [353kb]

Information Sharing

Information sharing agreements

Managing your records

adobe_acrobat icon Data quality strategy [106kb]

adobe_acrobat icon Digital continuity policy [176kb]

adobe_acrobat icon Information and records management policy [286kb]

adobe_acrobat icon Scanning policy [285kb]

adobe_acrobat icon Warning Flags Policy [260kb]

On-line communications

adobe_acrobat icon Social media policy for business and personal use [160kb]

adobe_acrobat icon Web policy and standards guide - January 2014 [259kb]

Secure working

adobe_acrobat icon Information IT access policy v 1 4 December 2016 [370kb]

adobe_acrobat icon Portable media policy v1 5 December 2016 [311kb]

adobe_acrobat icon Remote working policy v1 5 December 2016 [490kb]

adobe_acrobat icon Software Management Policy V1 4 December 2016 [247kb]

adobe_acrobat icon Information Protection and Handling Policy [176kb]

adobe_acrobat icon Clear desk policy [135kb]