Safer Working Practice Guidance (May 2001 Revised September 2009)

The Safer Working Practice for Staff policy provides guidance and information for staff to help them reduce the risks of violent or abusive incidents. It outlines the responsibilities that staff have to safeguard themselves, colleagues, service users and other members of the public, and applies to all Community & Adult Care Directorate staff and volunteers.

This revised guidance will provide clarity to staff to enable them to raise awareness and mitigate against potential risks (awareness training and support), reduce the impact of potential risks (risk assessments, near-misses and reporting). The guidance should be used by staff and managers in developing their team Risk Assessments, which should be overseen by the SHE Unit.

The Directorate emphasises that staff should not tolerate unacceptable behaviour as simply part of their job. This policy outlines the availability of training and managerial support to ensure that personal safety takes priority over preservation of property or money.

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