Has your child been vaccinated?

Measles has been hitting the headlines both over the border in South Wales and in the neighbouring county Wiltshire. The number of cases in Gloucestershire although not widespread, has been steadily increasing.

Since October 2012 there has been 96 confirmed cases (as of May 2013) compared to five reported in 2011.To prevent the spread of disease we have launched a local MMR catch-up drive, in support of the wider national campaign.

Our particular focus is on parents of children aged 10-16 years old who have not been vaccinated or have only received one dose of the vaccination.

If you know your child has missed their MMR jabs in the past, or you are unsure of their vaccination history, it's never too late to get them protected - contact your GP as soon as possible.

Not one but two...

The safest and most effective way to prevent measles is to ensure your child has received the routine two doses of the MMR (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella) vaccination. This will not only protect the child but help safeguard others that they may come into contact with.

A picture guide to measles and the MMR

Read our Measles and MMR factsheet Opens new    for more information about measles and the MMR or visit NHS ChoicesOpens new window.

Further MMR immunisation advice for parents of young children from Public Health England


Be vigilant to the signs and symptoms of measles

Symptoms include:

  • a rash for up to three days
  • fever for at least one day
  • at least one of the following; cough, cold or conjunctivitis.

If you suspect measles call your GP for an over the phone assessment. Patients are advised, wherever possible, to stay at home from work or school and keep away from vulnerable people.

Measles can be a life-threatening disease.


For health care professionals

Health Care professionals can get advice fromPublic Health EnglandOpens new window. Further MMR information leaflets provided by Public Health England can be downloaded hereOpens new window.

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