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Unveiling of Merrywalks Bridge

Workmen are opening Merrywalks Bridge to traffic in the early hours of Thursday morning (21st July), making it available for rush-hour traffic to pass.

Final surfacing will be carried out overnight, unless there are severe weather conditions.

Works will still continue into August with the removal of the temporary footbridges at Wallbridge and other finishing off works.

When the bridge is opened, the temporary Wallbridge diversion will be closed to traffic and the situation monitored. This will be followed by a consultation to see if the community of Stroud wish to see it remained closed or reopened to traffic in a one way direction out of the town.

Cllr Chas Fellows, Gloucestershire County Council cabinet member for Economy and Environment said: "We very much appreciate the public's patience in dealing with this matter, and we hope that the solution will provide a great source of joy for all involved. We look forward to the Stroud people noticing the difference and hopefully it will be well worth the wait."