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Mobile library service

The mobile library stops at 53 locations in rural areas of the county and visits on a regular four week cycle. 

The stops range from 30 minutes to 2 hours to allow you to

  • Browse the book shelves
  • Use the PC with free internet access
  • Find information from library staff and other public sector partners

Wheelchair access is available.

Stops and timetables

 adobe_acrobat icon A-Z Mobile stops from 1/11/15 [198kb] 

adobe_acrobat icon Mobile Library timetables July to October 2016 [378kb]

Returning or renewing books

Mobile library customers can also return books to any library in the county or

  • renew books online  or Smartphone app or
  • phone 0845 230 5420 - The Service Charge for this call is 7p/minute plus a Network Access Charge set by your telephone provider.

People with mobility or access concerns: We have made special, individual arrangements for people who have mobility or access concerns. If we're not already working with you and you think you need extra assistance, or you know someone who does, contact

Sue Killoran
Tel: 01452 425048