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Library Strategy & Library policies

Key library policy documents

Behaviour in libraries

adobe_acrobat icon Customer Behaviour in Libraries [159kb]


adobe_acrobat icon Library Byelaws (PDF format)

Charges and sales

adobe_acrobat icon Library Charges and Sales Policy [70kb]


adobe_acrobat icon Safe Place for Children policy [74kb]

Childminders & Organisations working with pre-school children

adobe_acrobat icon Supply of books to Childminders & organisations working with pre-school chidlren [108kb]  Policy on loans to Childminders to be incorporated in Individual Library Membership policy

Inter-library loans

 Inter Library Loans Policy - currently under review


adobe_acrobat icon Use of the Internet and computer devices in libraries [310kb]

Library Clubs

adobe_acrobat icon Library Clubs Policy [65kb]

Library Strategy 2012

adobe_acrobat icon Library Strategy 2012 [495kb]


adobe_acrobat icon Individual Library Membership Policy [150kb]   Under Review to incorporate loans to Childminders

adobe_acrobat icon Group Library Membership Policy [355kb]   Except for Childminders - see policy above


adobe_acrobat icon Notices, Posters, Leaflets, Publications, Displays Policy [101kb]
adobe_acrobat icon Customer information about displaying posters, leaflets, notices etc in libraries [56kb]


adobe_acrobat icon How we use your information [79kb]

Reading Groups - Support to reading groups policy

adobe_acrobat icon Support to Reading Groups - Guidelines [832kb]


Library Services for Education

Stock (books, CDs and DVDs)

adobe_acrobat icon Stock Policy [91kb]
adobe_acrobat icon Donations of Stock policy [40kb]

Terms and Conditions

adobe_acrobat icon Terms and conditions of library membership [78kb]


adobe_acrobat icon Volunteer Involvement Policy [87kb]