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Share your love of reading

Don't forget it's free to Join the library.

Start a book club or reading group

Reading is a great way to meet people and share your love of books and reading. There are several websites that can give you practical advice and support:

Set up a reading group account

Contact your local library to set up a reading group account and receive your 'group' borrower card.

Reading group library members benefit from:

  • Free reservations  on our reading group collections.
  • Longer loans - you can borrow books for up to 8 weeks.
  • A place to meet - with the agreement of the Library Manager.
  • A place to advertise for group members.

adobe_acrobat icon Our current list of book collections for reading groups - best for printing out. [270kb]

Search our catalogue

Ideas of what to read

There are a wealth of websites set up to give you and your group inspiration for what to read next:

Reading groups in schools

Make a suggestion

Read a good book and think the library should have a copy? Let us know -

Suggest an item for purchase

We review your suggestions regularly, keep an eye on the library catalogue to see any new additions.