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Volunteer in a library

Maintenance affecting online forms and payments

Forms down on Saturday
We will be working on systems which will affect online forms on Saturday 28 March 2015 from 9:00 am for the day. During this period forms may be visible but data may not be submitted so use the "online forms" links on this page with caution. The form may open but your data may be lost.
If you do go ahead with a form submission, make sure you get an acknowledgement that the form has been submitted properly.
Everything should be working again by Sunday.

Payments down now
The payments system will be off line from now until Monday morning so payments will not be processed even if you can complete the form.
Please do not attempt to pay for any services while this message is visible.

For urgent highways problems call 08000 514 514

Why we need volunteers

We are looking for volunteers of all ages to help out in a range of different roles. Some do short-term projects, and some stay for years! You can read more about the different roles and the experiences of some of our volunteers below.

How to apply

No one is excluded from volunteering however there is a legal requirement that for some activities with children and/or vulnerable people volunteers may be screened (DBS check).

We will contact you after we receive your application to arrange an interview. Your personal information will remain confidential.

What can you do?

Download the descriptions of the roles we offer:

The following role relates to Bourton only

Volunteer Role Stow Visitor Information Centre only

What is it like to volunteer in a library?

Read about the experiences of some of our volunteers

Find other ways to volunteer

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