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Police/Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) Data Sharing Pilot Project

The County Council is taking part in a pilot project which aims to improve our systems for identifying children who may be at risk of neglect or abuse. Many reviews of safeguarding have concluded that if the whole picture was known regarding the risks facing a child, then tragic outcomes may have been prevented. To that end we will be utilising data from a specific timeframe from a number of partner agencies to see if it is possible to piece together those all-important risk factors.

This information, along with that belonging to the other agencies, will then be analysed to establish whether there are linkages that agencies were previously unaware of. The analysis will be conducted through the use of well-established software that may be able to identify children who are potentially at risk more effectively; benefiting from our collective knowledge. Any children potentially at risk identified through this process can then be reviewed by experienced police and social care staff.

This innovative work has been supported by the Home Office Innovation Fund. It is an exploratory study to test whether this new approach works. Any concerns regarding specific children that we were not previously aware of will be managed through our existing safeguarding processes that are in place in the county. If you wish to know more about the project, or apply for your data to be excluded from the analysis, please email us at the Children's Helpdesk -