Shire Hall Regeneration

Gloucestershire County Council will be making improvements to Shire Hall and Bearlands which will save money on energy bills and dramatically cut carbon output.

These first artist impressions of a newly redeveloped Shire Hall highlight the council's plans for modern design and a reduced carbon footprint.

Shire Hall is long overdue some essential work to make it a suitable working environment for staff, including necessary weatherproofing and modernisation.

The council has acquired a regeneration grant of 4.13 million from central government in order to revive the Quayside and Blackfriars areas of the city. 1 million of this is to invest in photo voltaic panels integrated into the roof and new cladding which will be applied to Shire Hall and Bearlands buildings as part of plans to create a more efficient building.The solar panels are expected to provide enough electricity to light the whole of Shire Hall, reducing the county council's energy bills and carbon footprint.

In conjunction with other energy saving measures, such as natural ventilation and improved temperature control, the plans will make Shire Hall one of the greenest buildings in the county.

Following the departure of police staff from the Bearlands building in 2015, internal strip outwork began in early 2016. Most police staff have relocated to Waterwells though a reception area has been maintained in Shire Hall.

The redevelopment of Bearlands and recladding of Shire Hall will begin in Autumn this year, and will enable staff to be moved from Quayside House in the first phase of the council's plans.

Gloucestershire County Council have received planning permission to demolish the old magistrates' court. Demolition has started and aims to finish in mid March.

For safety reasons Barbican Road is now closed to road users, including cyclists. However, the footpath will remain open to pedestrians.

Quayside House, the Oxleaze Wing and the county garage will eventually be demolished to make way for new developments.

The entire recladding and refurbishment project is expected to take two and a half years to complete.

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