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Search and track planning applications

Use Public Access to view planning applications

Most planning matters are handled by the local borough or district council; County councils are the planning authority for waste and minerals matters and its own development (known as Regulation 3).

Domestic planning

If you need to check on planning for anything other than waste and mineral matters you will need to go to the local council involved:

Waste and minerals planning

Use the Public Access system to view planning applications, submit comments or monitor the progress of an application. You can also:

View current public Notices of planning applications by district.


Public Access is not a complete database and only includes records held on computer by Gloucestershire County Council. You can only download or print material for consultation purposes and you must not alter the content of this information. Plans, drawings and maps are protected by copyright. If you suspect any information to be incorrect, email For a short period the service will be down for maintenance, normally 6.00am to 7.00am each day.