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Parking Website Update

Information relating to Cheltenham Parking Review - West: West End, Lansdown & Railway may now be found on our new parking schemes page.

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New parking schemes

Parking Review Process  

Cheltenham Parking Review - West: West End, Lansdown & Railway

Kemble Parking Review  

Cheltenham Parking Review - Racecourse Events   

Cirencester Town Centre Highway Improvements   

Cotswold Parking Review - Moreton in Marsh  

Parking survey data archive 

Parking Review Process 

 Each parking review follows a similar process as outlined below: 

  1. Scheme inception - initial data gathering and discussions with local stakeholders;
  2. Informal consultation - consultation with local residents and businesses to find out if local people find parking a problem, if they would like to see changes considered, and if so, what changes.
  3. Statutory consultation - a formal consultation process where we present a detailed proposed scheme. Feedback to this stage will be used to decide if any changes are made.
  4. Implementation (if appropriate) - launch of new scheme.  

Details relating to each scheme are provided below: 

Cheltenham Parking Review - West: West End, Lansdown & Railway 

(Reference Number - JKS/60327)   

Current Stage: Stage 4 - Implementation, August 2017   

Following consultation in 2016, three new permit parking zones are now being introduced in western Cheltenham.   

The new parking restrictions will apply from August 1st 2017. Local residents and businesses must purchase permits before that date to avoid being at risk of receiving a parking ticket (Penalty Charge Notice).   

This plan shows the boundaries of the new schemes .   

This leaflet provides general information about permit schemes.

Nearly all streets within these areas will be subject to parking restrictions.

Residents and businesses based at properties within each zone will need to buy permits to allow them to park on-street, within the boundaries of their zone.

Visitors to the area will be able to park in most streets, but subject to a maximum stay limit and/or a parking charge.

Some roads are reserved for local permit holders only.

These plans show the new parking restrictions being introduced:

Westend Zone (Zone 12)

Lansdown Zone (Zone 13)

Railway Zone (Zone 14)

Permits are only available to properties based within the permit zones.

Information about the types of permit available and how to purchase them is available on our Parking permits and zone maps page.

Work to install signs and paint lines on the road will be on-going through June & July 2017.

The new schemes will become effective on August 1st 2017.

During the works, some parking bays will be suspended to allow line painting to be done – these will be kept to a minimum and only used when required.

These schemes are designed to discourage commuter parking around the town centre.

Commuters are encouraged to think about adopting alternative travel options including car sharing, cycling, walking and public transport.

Information regarding alternative travel options is available via Thinktravel.

We have already contacted local businesses within the new zones to offer support in helping staff to find alternative travel arrangements, and provide access to staff discounts for bus tickets, cycling equipment etc.

The Thinktravel programme provides a toolkit to help businesses improve workplace travel options and patterns.

These schemes reflect policy commitments set out in Gloucestershire Local Transport Plan, and other wider policies to manage the impact on congestion in Cheltenham, improve access to services and local businesses, and facilitate future growth in the town.

We consulted local people and businesses about these schemes between June 2015 and June 2016. A decision was taken to implement the schemes in Autumn 2016, incorporating many changes as a result of consultation feedback.

This report provides full details of the consultation process, responses received, how these were considered, and how the eventual decision was reached.

Parking around the station will be limited to 4 hours for non-permit holders. Our recent surveys showed a high proportion of those driving to the station came from within 2 miles, and so cycling, walking and other public transport options will be available.

The Arle Court Park & Ride bus will also now stop at Lansdown Bridge – a short walk from the station.

The County Council support the plans to provide a new pedestrian/cycle link from the railway station to Lansdown Bridge, and to expand the railway station car park.

The new Lansdown permit parking zone (Zone 13) was to limit most parking in Lansdown Place Lane, Lansdown Crescent Lane and Lansdown Walk to ‘Permit Holders Only’. (some shared use parking bays were to be marked in which anyone could park for up to 4 hours).

It has become apparent that these restrictions may have a severe impact on a few small local businesses in these three roads.

In light of this new information, we have reviewed our approach and have decided to modify some elements on a trial basis to strike a fairer balance between the needs of local residents and businesses.

This means that on 1st August the parking restrictions in Lansdown Place Lane, Lansdown Crescent Lane and Lansdown Walk will be:

  • shared use parking bays – where anyone can park for up to 4 hours, or permit holders can park without a time limit (as planned); and
  • unrestricted parking outside those bays

A plan showing the new parking restrictions is available here.

This trial, known as an “Experimental Traffic Regulation Order,” will run for six months from 1st August 2017. During this period we will monitor the changes. Before the trial expires in January 2018 we will ask local residents and businesses for feedback. We will then decide whether to make the changes permanent, abandon them, or seek another solution. In the event that we cannot agree on the changes then the parking restrictions will revert back to the proposals agreed in December 2016, i.e. with most parking being for Permit Holders Only.

If you have any comments about this trial, or would like to register your feedback please write to us at parking@gloucestershire.gov.uk.

The legal documentation relating to the Experimental Traffic Regulation Order is available here, or can be viewed at Cheltenham Library, Clarence Street, Cheltenham, GL50 3JT.

Kemble Parking Review  

Current Stage: Stage 2 - Informal consultation - (June 2017)  

We are carrying out an area-wide review of parking in Kemble - tell us your views  


Gloucestershire County Council is undertaking a review of the on-street parking in Kemble. The purpose of the parking review is to manage parking congestion in the village once the station car park is extended. The review will be across the whole village in order to deter commuters from parking on the nearby streets.  

We believe a Permit Parking Scheme, will control parking behaviours and reduce its impact on traffic movement, where drivers may search for a free space.  

We would like to discuss this idea with local residents and businesses – we will use your feedback to decide if any changes to the scheme should be considered.  

Tell us your views  

We held a drop-in consultation event on 26th April at which many residents talked to us about the Permit Parking Scheme. Feedback on the various options will allow us to identify which areas want to see changes made, what changes would work best, or if any changes are required at all. It will also help determine the times and days any potential scheme might operate.  

If you could not attend the event, you can view the information presented and provide your feedback through an online form here:  Kemble Parking Review - Informal  

You can leave feedback via letter or email: permit.consultation@gloucestershire.gov.uk  

Should the proposed parking permit scheme be introduced in your area, the County Councils permit terms and conditions would apply. Meaning you would be required to pay for a permit to park in your street and buy vouchers for your visitors (how require longer than 4 hours stay). 

Cheltenham Parking Review - Racecourse Events

Current Stage: Stage 3 - Statutory consultation

Gloucestershire County Council and Cheltenham Racecourse have been reviewing how we manage temporary parking & traffic restrictions during events at the racecourse.

We consulted local people in August 2016 about proposed permit parking arrangements to apply during events - details of the consultation are available here: Cheltenham Racecourse Statutory Consultation

Cirencester Town Centre Highway Improvements

Current Stage: Stage 4 - Implementation - (February 2017)

For details regarding the changes to the parking arrangements in Cirencester see the section on Cirencester Town Centre Improvements on our Traffic Regulation Orders (TRO) and Traffic Schemes page.

Cotswold Parking Review - Moreton in Marsh

Current Stage: Stage 2 - Informal consultation - (July 2015)

Gloucestershire County Council has received many complaints from local residents and businesses about parking in Moreton-in-Marsh. We have investigated the problem, and together with the Town Council and local business group, have been considering potential options to improve accessibility in the town.

A parking survey has confirmed parking congestion in the town, and provided a lot of information about the nature of the problem.

We believe better management of on-street parking in the town centre is needed. A scheme that controls parking spaces more fairly, sharing access to shops, together with a new permit parking scheme for residents, would improve access for all visitors to the town.

By controlling parking through time limits and/or pay and display, we can help to increase access to the shops whilst also protecting residents parking near their homes.

In July 2015 we consulted residents and businesses of the town to understand their views Moreton-in-Marsh Parking Survey

We have since been discussing feedback with the Town Council in order to identify the next steps. Any management of on-street parking in the High Street clearly needs to complement management of the Car Park areas (owned by the Town Council), and so we are working closely to consider if any changes are needed.

Parking survey data archive

The following survey data was collected as part of parking reviews as shown below. The data was used to quantify parking issues and understand travel patterns and parking behaviour.

Cheltenham North (Pittville and St. Paul's) March 2013
Cheltenham West (West End, Lansdown and Railway) March 2015
North Cotswold Market Towns November 2013
Cirencester April 2012
Gloucester (City Centre) Spring 2011
Tewkesbury October 2015
Tewkesbury and Winchcombe September 2014

Email: parking@gloucestershire.gov.uk

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