Parking penalties & appeals

Pay or Challenge

What you should do if the bailiff/enforcement officer contacts you

Please note, if you do not make the payment, we will register the Penalty Charge debt, and pass the debt onto our debt collection agents.

If you have received a letter from the Enforcement Agent please contact them direct as it is now too late for us to intervene.  Alternatively you can contact the Traffic Enforcement Centre to make a Witness statement - tel: 0300 123 1059

How to pay a PCN

We offer a discounted rate for prompt payment of PCNs.

You can pay online at

You can pay by phone with a credit or debit card on 0345 319 9631

How to challenge a PCN

We do not deal with challenges over the telephone or in person; you must appeal in writing, either online,  in a letter or by email. Details are given on the back of your PCN.

Five step guide to challenging a PCN:

  1. Make an informal challenge to APCOA online  or by email to APCOA consider all informal challenges on our behalf. If this is done within 14 days of the issue of the ticket, then if we reject your challenge we will extend the period of the prompt payment discount.
  2. If your informal challenge is rejected, and no payment is received by APCOA, you will be sent a Notice to Owner (NTO) which officially orders the charge to be paid. You then have 28 days from receipt of the NTO to either pay (see above) or lodge a formal Representation. Details how to do this are given with the NTO. Your formal Representation is sent to our administrative agent, APCOA, and they give all of the relevant information to the County Council parking team to consider.
  3. If you are successful, we will send you confirmation that the NTO is cancelled. If your appeal is unsuccessful, we will send you a Notice of Rejection of Representation, and also a Notice of Appeal form, so that you can either pay (see above) or proceed to the third stage of appeal which is adjudication.
  4. You have 28 days from receipt of the Notice of Rejection of Representation to make an appeal to the adjudicators. The Notice of Appeal form contains the contact details for the adjudicators, and also information about how to present your appeal. You can choose to have either a postal, telephone or personal hearing. For Gloucestershire, the adjudicator is the Traffic Penalty Tribunal (TPT)
  5. If you have asked for a postal decision for your adjudication, you will be notified of the week in which your appeal is to be decided. If you have asked for a personal or telephone, you will usually receive at least 21 days notice of the date, time and location.

We try to make the whole process as clear and straightforward as possible. There is additional information in the Residents parking policy.
or you can get independent advice from consumer organisations such as Which? or Money Saving Expert.
For further information about the adjudication process follow this link to the Traffic Penalty Tribunal website.

Bus Lanes are created by Traffic Regulation Orders using powers under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984. A bus lane is defined in the Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions as a traffic lane reserved for buses (and pedal cycles and taxis where indicated by the signs).

Gloucestershire County Council is an approved local authority under The Bus Lane Contraventions (Approved Local Authorities) (England) Order 2005 for the purposes of S.144 of the Transport Act 2000 (civil penalties for bus lane contraventions).  The cameras and recording system used have been approved under The Bus Lanes (Approved Devices) (England) Order 2005.

Why do we have bus lanes and bus only roads

Bus lanes are separate to other lanes for general traffic on the highway, so their boundaries are marked with a solid white line and the words 'bus lane', which appear on the ground along each lane.  Signs are in place prior to the start of the bus lane to warn motorists on their approach and enable them to change lanes as appropriate.

A bus only street or road is just that, i.e. a street or road which only buses are permitted to use. They are clearly marked on the ground at the entrance to the street or the road, along with signs showing permitted vehicles (and times of operation if applicable).

Regulations for signing of bus only streets are detailed in the Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions (TSRGD).

The benefits of bus lanes are that they increase bus service reliability and therefore Improve bus passenger journey times; encourage use of public transport - this supports an ongoing commitment to increase the use of public transport and reduce traffic pollution and congestion. Bus lanes increase safety for certain vehicles and pedestrians.

Location of Camera Enforced Bus Lanes

  • Valley Gardens, Kingsway - x 2
  • Woodvale, Kingsway
  • Typhoon Way, Coopers Edge, Brockworth
  • Llanthony Bridge, Gloucester
  • Middlemead, Cirencester

Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) and appeals information

If you are caught driving in a bus lane, you can expect to receive a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) addressed to the registered keeper of the vehicle concerned. It will contain details of the alleged contravention, details of the vehicle and photographs that in the Authority's opinion establish the contravention.  The PCN is also referred to as a Notice to Owner (NTO).

How much is payable

Although the Penalty Charge is £60, payable by no later than 28 days beginning with the Date of Service of the notice, Gloucestershire County Council will accept a reduced sum of £30 if it receives payment within 14 days beginning with the Date of Service. Details of how to pay are shown on the front of the Notice (NTO).  Payment of the entire applicable charge amount must be received in the stated time frame, to avoid the case status escalating or an increase in the charge balance.

How to pay or dispute a PCN

See the FAQs 

For further information, please visit the Traffic Penalty Tribunal web site.

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