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*NEW* Progress Grids - Assessment without Levels Primary

This course has been designed to assist assessment co-ordinators, school administrators and class teachers in using the new pre-defined Progress Grid to track pupils knowledge and understanding of various subjects.

Capita have created a new progress grid based on descriptors from the DfE to help schools track knowledge of various subjects. This is the first resource available in SIMS to respond to the removal of National Curriculum levels. The user is able to highlight achievement of each bullet point as Mastered, Secure, Developing or Emerging, add notes, e.g. observations as evidence of the achievement, comments and overall assessments.

Who should attend?

School staff with responsibility for the tracking of pupils' progress.

How will I benefit?

This course will enable you to record and track a pupil's mastery of various subjects including strengths and weaknesses, in an easy to read colour coded grid. Capita will further enhance this area early next year with a brand new way of recording and analysing this information. Any data already recorded will transfer to the new system so this effort will not be wasted. The use of this system is also designed to help cut down on the use of paper.

What will I learn?

At the end of the course via remote access from our training room you will be able to:

• Import the Progress Grid and set up ready for use
• Enter/edit results into the Progress Grid
• Customise grid to be more personal to school

Course code, duration and location

SC008 - ½ day 0930-1230 1st Floor, Quayside House, Quay Street, Gloucester, GL1 2TZ


£99 per person (supported schools/academies only)

Course dates

9th December 2014

NB. Please contact the office for a booking form for this course as it is not on the drop down list at the moment