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Status: For Information
Information useful until: 31/07/2013
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School administrator
Children's Centre Managers
School Business Managers
Special schools
Early years/Foundation
Children's Centres

The new  look and feel Schoolsnet website will be going live this week.  Apart from redesigning it, we have:

  • Reduced the number of pages from over 1500, making it much easier to find what you are looking for, with content on those pages up to date and to the point
  • Focused on the things you look for and need to help you day by day
  • Improved the search facility and made the homepage more dynamic, with latest news panels, and a direct link to the bulletin board

Schools are asked to give your feedback by:

  • logging using your existing username and password
  • telling us what you like and what you don't
  • telling us there is information you need to do your job that you cannot find.

Take a look from Monday 8 July: We look forward to receiving your feedback. Please email your thoughts to

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