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Planning and Strategic Infrastructure

Planning and the Localism Bill

The Localism Bill, contains a substantial package of reforms to the local government, including the planning system:

  • Removal of regional strategies from the planning system;
  • Introduction of a new right for local communities to draw up neighbourhood plans;
  • An increase in planning enforcement powers;
  • Limits on the involvement of planning inspectors in local plans; and
  • A new duty on public bodies such as the County Council, to actively participate in 'larger-than-local' planning.

The government anticipates the bill to become law by the end of 2011 and future strategic plans will be based on this.

The current strategic planning framework

Until the Localism Bill becomes law, Gloucestershire County Council remains the strategic planning authority for the county providing policy advice on the Adopted 2nd Review Gloucestershire Structure Plan (1991 - 2011).

A replacement Structure Plan known as the Deposit Draft 3rd Alteration Gloucestershire Structure Plan (2001 - 2016) was prepared but this plan has never been formally adopted. It is a material consideration in planning applications though.

The Strategic Infrastructure Team also provides technical policy support for the strategies and plans being prepared by the district councils, the Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) and the Local Nature Partnership (LNP) in Gloucestershire. Key projects include:

The Strategic Planning process before 2010

From 2004 the planning system replaced county-level plans with regional spatial strategies prepared by new regional planning bodies. The County Council became a formal evidence provider (known as a (4(4) authority) for the regional planning body - the South West Regional Assembly. The technical input, called the Joint Study Area (JSA) studies, was submitted to the regional assembly in September 2005.

The Secretary of State's Proposed Changes Version of the South West Regional Spatial Strategy remains a material consideration in determining planning applications.  

Other Planning 

These and more, including full background documentation on all planning is available on  Planning policy, Infrastructure Guidance and Economic Growth Initiatives