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Joan's Story

Joan is 95 years old and lives alone in a bungalow, with daily support from carers and a family member living close by. She has a visual impairment, arthritis in her spine and hips, chronic kidney disease, COPD and some memory difficulties due to a diagnosis of Dementia.

Joan has reduced mobility which has resulted in a history of falls in the home where she has been unable to press her community alarm to call for help.  Previously when fallen, Joan has been unable to get herself up and has had to wait for the next carers visit resulting in Hospital admissions.

Joan likes to remain as independent as possible with daily tasks around her home. She uses the oven and microwave in her kitchen and due to her memory issues and reduced eyesight was worried that she would forget something or be unable to turn them off which would result in a fire.  In recent months she had a minor flood when the bathroom sink overflowed, as she had not realised that she had left a tap running.  Joan also struggled to recall the telephone number to call in the event of an emergency when asked at the assessment putting her at high risk of not being able to get assistance should something happen.


The Telecare Team installed:

  • Fall Detector which will automatically raise an alarm call to our 24/7 Monitoring Centre via the Lifeline Unit in the event of it detecting a fall.
  • Linked Smoke Detectors will automatically raise an alarm call to our 24/7 Monitoring Centre via the Lifeline unit should smoke be detected within the property.
  • Heat Detector will automatically detect a high levels of heat within the Kitchen and is used to detect a fire where a smoke detector cannot be used like a kitchen. This is linked to our 24/7 Monitoring Centre via the Lifeline unit.
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector will automatically raise an alarm call to our 24/7 Monitoring Centre if it were to detect high levels of carbon monoxide in the property.
  • Magiplugs were also provided in the kitchen and bathroom sinks, to help prevent flooding in the property. These replace a standard plug and will automatically let the water out once it gets above a certain wait ensuring that a flood doesn’t happen.


The aim of the provision of the Telecare equipment for Joan was to support her to stay living as independently as possible within her own home for as long as possible.  The equipment was there to support Joan to continue to undertake activities of daily living on her own with the knowledge that help was not far away should it be needed.  This provided Joan and her family with great peace of mind.

Joan has had 3 falls since the Telecare equipment was installed  and each time her falls detector has detected the fall and automatically called through to our 24/7 Monitoring Centre for assistance.  The Monitoring Centre staff have sent out the Telecare Response Service who have assisted Joan back to her feet and checked her over to make sure she is not hurt.  Most recently Joan fell out of bed during the nigh getting herself stuck down the side of the bed, she was unable to get herself back up. Her Fall Detector raised an alarm call through to the Monitoring Centre. The operator was able to communicate with Joan through the Lifeline Unit giving her reassurance whilst calling the Telecare Response Service.  The Telecare Response Service arrived and was able to help Joan back up, check that she was ok and support her to get back into bed safely. Thankfully there was no need for an ambulance. 


Due to the fast response the Telecare equipment and Telecare Response Service have provided each time Joan’s falls detector has activated, Joan has had no further Hospital admissions and continues to live independently at home.   Thankfully Joan has not needed to use any of the other Telecare equipment in situ as yet but it is there if she needs to and provides her and her family with peace of mind.


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