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Winter travel

Where can I get up to date information?

You can also follow us on Twitter:

Local Radio also offers useful information about our roads, and school closures - you can listen online at: 

Which routes are gritted in Gloucestershire?

What about local roads?

You can report it if a grit bin is empty, or has been vandalised.

Help your local community by using the grit bins provided to help keep pavements and side roads clear.  Use a spade or shovel to spread the salt evenly and thinly across the pavement. 

Please do not use grit from these bins to clear your own driveways or paths - we only have limited salt stocks, and you may be prosecuted if caught stealing salt for private use.

For more information see tips for keeping pavements and public spaces clear of ice and snow..

Do you have any tips for driving in winter conditions?