Build your circle

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Teaser Services

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    Keep active

    Keeping yourself occupied, whether it's in work, education, training or recreation, will help you maintain your wellbeing and independence.

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    Stay happy at home

    There are many resources available to help keep you safe and well in your own home: from helpful gadgets and adaptations, to advice on food, falls, and keeping warm.

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    Understanding the system

    Find out more about how to find care. You can also find information on the legislation, policies and procedures that help determine the council’s approach to adult social care.

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    Looking after someone else

    Gloucestershire County Council recognises and values the contribution that unpaid carers make, and we want to help you find support when you need it.

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    Specific needs information

    Information and guidance for needs arising from a range of specific conditions such as physical disabilities, learning disabilities or sensory impairments.