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Customer perceptions of road condition

Understandably many of our residents are concerned about the state of the County’s road network, particularly over the recent months when we have experienced an increase in the number of potholes forming on the network following a very wet and then cold wintery period. Lack of consistent investment over the last 20 to 30 years in repair and maintenance of our road network is an issue that is plaguing most local highway authorities. Many of the country’s roads are fragile and have not been resurfaced for many years, which is why they are so susceptible to accelerated pothole deterioration following difficult or extreme weather events.  

With over 3,600 miles of network, and only a limited number of inspectors and gangs, it does take time for us to recover following harsh weather when more potholes appear.  Whenever someone informs us about a pothole, we send an inspector to site within 5 days to classify and record the defect into our maintenance system - a gang then attends site either within 24 hours for large defect or 28 days.

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