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Highways information [v]

Information on your highways.

1.   Inspection recorded on tablet PC

Highways safety inspections are carried out on a regular frequency in line with the assigned maintenance hierarchy. Inspectors record defect details, including GPS locations, on a handheld tablet PC as per the highways safety manual.

2.   Inspections downloaded

Inspections are downloaded to the computer system CONFIRM, which records all the inspection data and defects for future use.

3.   CONFIRM downloads to our works system

The data is then transferred from CONFIRM to the works system.

4. Works schedulers allocate jobs

Works are then carefully planned and programmed to optimise time and resources and drive the efficiency of the works gangs, delivering value for money across the county.

5. Gang arrives on site and photograph defect

The defect information is then transferred to the work gang's PDA. This will then take the gang to the location of the defect using GPS. At the correct location the gang carries out a risk assessment of the proposed works and takes a photograph of the defect prior to any work being carried out.

6. Gang carries out work and photographs completed results

When the work has been completed, the gang will take a photograph of the completed job so the standard of work can be checked and audited.

7. Management reports on completed defects

All data is available to be used by supervisors and management to carry out quality control checks and analyse productivity reports. This helps ensure works are carried out consistently and to a high standard across the county. Before and after photographs and data is kept on the system to provide evidence for defending highway insurance claims.

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