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Road condition over time

The graph below shows road condition over recent years and the general improvement due to the Council’s £150M funding into ‘Your Highways’.

Maintaining road condition - our future strategy

Priorities for determining budget splits within structural maintenance are contained in the TAMP and are directly linked to corporate and transport strategy through the Local Transport Plan (LTP3). This has led to the following approach:

We know that our C and U roads not only make up the largest proportion of our network, but are in poor standard of repair. A significant amount is in condition index ‘amber’, meaning they will require maintenance soon. This is a potential maintenance ‘time bomb’ which is why efforts are being made to target more funding on surface dressing treatment focused on ‘amber’ road sections in order to stop them from turning into expensive resurfacing schemes in the future.

There is an intrinsic link between revenue expenditure on pothole repairs and the level of capital investment on structural maintenance.  We are making every effort to link proposed capital schemes to areas experiencing repeat multiple potholes. In many cases our patching gangs are directed to sections of the network where multiple potholes have been picked up through highway safety inspections or where residents make us aware of problems. This in turn reduces the pressure on revenue pothole repairs.

We are doing our best to join patching works up into sizable schemes which can then be ‘sealed’ the following year with surface / micro dressings. Dressing the road is a preventative treatment which seals the surfaces which are nearing rapid deterioration and essentially stops them from creating pothole problems for 7 to 10 years.  

We recognise that some roads which are heavily deteriorated will require resurfacing and a significant part of our programme will continue to be dedicated to resurfacing works.  


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