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Schemes and works are managed by the street lighting team, working in partnership with Milestone. The council currently has a street lighting asset of:

  • 62,883 street lights; and
  • 7,893 illuminated signs and bollards.

Milestone (formerly Skanska) has managed the asset since 2015, taking on the general maintenance of the council's street lighting, lit signs and bollards. Milestone has substantially completed the rollout of LED street lights across the county too, helping to reduce our carbon emissions as well as energy and general maintenance costs. This contact lasts up to 12 years.

LED light sources (Light Emitting Diodes)

Since 2016 we have rolled   LED light sources to the vast majority of our street lighting asset. (99.5% are currently converted).An  LED light source allows the authority to maximise the benefits this technology provides when compared to previous conventional  discharge light sources , which includes a 65-70% reduction in energy costs (when dimmed by 50% between 10pm and 5:30am), reduced maintenance regimes/costs, and a significant increase in life expectancy (from 15 years to 25 years).  Previous to this technology becoming a commercially viable option, Gloucestershire had led the way with dimming and part-night lighting projects in achieving energy savings.

Central Management System (CMS)

We now have a CMS system incorporated within all our LED light source technologies. This provides us the ability to manage, control and monitor the street lighting asset via a web based software package.  It also permits the notification of faults and the individual control of street lights, allowing the accessibility of switching on/off and dimming of street lights remotely without the need for a maintenance visit. We also utilise the real time usage data for the purposes of energy charging, which results in much more accurate energy billing.

Energy Management

Prior to the LED roll out the street lighting asset consumed approximately 20.4 GWhrs  of energy  resulting in an annual energy cost of circa £2.6 million and the production of 11,000 tonnes of Carbon waste. Post LED the asset is consuming 8.25 GWhrs of energy, resulting in a current annual energy saving/cost avoidance of £1,977 million and a reduction in carbon emissions of 6,600 tonnes.

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