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Transport Asset Management

Like all authorities, Gloucestershire faces significant budget pressures and it is critical that there is a clear understanding of the links between levels of service delivery and funding. Yet typically, discussion at budget time is often about funding new projects, with limited consideration given to looking after what we already own. Providing the highest levels of service against shrinking budgets is a challenge and the TAMP provides a framework and approach to move forward.

The document reflects the strategy, policies and operational standards for managing highway assets in the County including defining ‘basic’ levels of service. The documents can be found on our website as follows:

Gloucestershire has been using asset management principles to run the business of operating the highway network for many years. Nationally, Asset Management is recognised as the best way to deliver a value for money service over the life of the highway asset. The UKRLG has produced a new Code of Practice for Well Managed Highway Infrastructure Assets, which refers very closely to the HMEP publication Highway Infrastructure Asset Management Guidance (HIAMG).

Gloucestershire now has a framework of documents for Asset Management; a short Policy Statement, and a Strategic Plan, which includes the individual asset strategies and levels of service, and this Operational Annex, referred to as the TAMP. The Strategic Plan was consulted on as part of the Local Transport Plan (LTP3) consultation, and was adopted by full council in 2016. The Policy Statement was revised in 2018 to allow for adoption of the Code of Practice for Well Managed Highway Infrastructure Assets, and this was signed off by our Cabinet in June 2018. This TAMP provides the detail as to how the Policy and Strategic Plan will be delivered. The TAMP has been produced as a series of chapters, which are published separately for ease of editing. The chapters are:

  • Inventory and Data
  • Levels of Service
  • Service Delivery
  • Life Cycle Plans
  • Forward Programme
  • Asset Valuation
  • Risk Management
  • Climate Change

Unfortunately as budget pressures continue it will likely be necessary that we continue to review the delivery of our Levels of Service (LoS) and we may need to consider making further reductions in service standards in order to live within our means.

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