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Digital Curation at Gloucestershire Archives

An introduction to Digital Curation at Gloucestershire Archives

At Gloucestershire Archives we preserve 'born digital' records - that is, information created electronically where there is no paper or physical version - as well as traditional paper and parchment documents. Much in the same way that we place an 800-year-old manuscript in an acid-free container in a temperature controlled strong room to preserve it, we store digital information in a secure digital archive.

We use our SCAT (Scat is Curation And Trust) tool to 'package' digital deposits as 'GAip' files. GAip (Gloucestershire Archives Ingest Package) files are then stored in our dedicated digital archive along with their own unique 'fixity file', which is a snapshot of the contents of the package and a way to verify that the contents have not changed during the storage period.

SCAT allows us to package any form of digital deposit (images, text, spreadsheet, sound or movie files) and store it in a compressed file format. We can add metadata and other archival information related to the content. When a researcher requests to see information stored in the digital archive, SCAT allows for the GAip package to be 'inflated' to its original form to make an access (or 'dissemination') copy.

We are continually adding to the digital archive as more born digital material is offered to us.

If you have digital material that you may want to preserve safely, there is more information here.

NB: As part of the preservation process we make a copy of the original material. We cannot do this if your files contain anti-piracy or copy protection. Please remove copy protection prior to donating/depositing digital records with the archive.

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