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Tithe Apportionments Help

These notes are designed to help you search on the Tithe Apportionments database, following the link to the right of this page.


  • You can search on the name of owner or occupier, parish and hamlet as well as description/fieldname or plot number.
  • Surnames are treated as truncated, so that a search on Hall will retrieve Halling, a search on Ha will retrieve Hale, Hall and Halling.
  • You can search one parish or the whole database.  Choose a parish from the drop down list.
  • If you know the parish and plot number you can go straight to the detail of that plot.
  • If you are searching for a particular field-name you can choose whether the name 'contains' or 'begins' with the word you enter. Try 'castle' with each to see the difference. Depending on how the name was rendered in the original document, you might get different spellings or spaces between words. Try 'cowleaze' and then 'cow leaze' to see the difference.


  • Your search will give you results in tabular form. Where a plot is held by more than one Landowner or Occupied by more than one person a code L or O will appear in the Joint column. If you click on Plot Detail you will be able to retrieve the full detail of that plot with all the joint owner/occupier names displayed.
  • If the Occupier field gives eg.' Anne Vardy and others', the 'others' are not named in the apportionment.
  • You can display the holdings of one particular landowner and calculate the extent of his estate by selecting the rows you require and clicking on the Total Area button. This reconstitutes the subtotal lines which appear in the original award.
  • Notes relating to particular plots  which were recorded in the original survey can be seen in the Plot Detail, as can notes or comments from the transcriber.

Further search

The double arrow 'select' icon on the left hand side of the screen enables you to progress your search.

If you select a row, a filter option appears above the search button. You can then further search by filtering on Landowner, Occupier, Plot Name and Plot Number. You will retrieve all occurrences within that parish. This is deliberately restricted to one parish in order to avoid any implication that a landowner or occupier in one parish is the same as one of the same name in another parish. If you wish to search for that landowner in other parishes, you will need to start a fresh search using the basic Search box.

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