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WW1 Resources for Key Stage 3

Learn about the effects of war on your community.

Use our FREE downloadable resources produced with your class or study group. 

You might also get ideas from our Help with your research into WW1 and Help with recording and sharing your research findings pages.


Main learning objective: A 'research and complete' profile-builder on Gloucestershire composer-poet-soldier Ivor Gurney, which includes the following. 

  • Simple biographical material and a geography and mapping task based on Ivor Gurney.
  • A short and simple poetry analysis task on a Gurney poem
  • A task based on a Gurney letter to a friend sent from the front line.
  • A design and building task to create a WW1 trench from a shoebox. 

Download the resource.

Main learning objective: A resource based upon war poetry, including:

Main learning objective: A resource based upon the recruitment of soldiers in the Great War, which includes the following. 

  • Quick Crossword: A short crossword (and solution) to introduce various interesting facts and key terms from WW1.
  • A Recruitment PowerPoint that looks at what was life was really like at the front, including archived images, songs and discussion points on 'cowardice' and the 'Shot at Dawn' memorial.
  • Private Delaney PowerPoint; a case study introducing an underage Gloucestershire soldier killed in action, the main task being to consider the evidence in the slides to arrive at why Delaney enlisted.  The slides are based around archived recruitment posters, photographs, roll of honour, local newspaper reports and other 'persuasive' materials.

Main learning objective: This resource is a PowerPoint that looks at the refugee crisis in 1914 and 2015. Gloucestershire's work with Belgian refugees in 1914 is contrasted with a case study of UN work with modern Syrian refugees.  It contains archived pictures and a short film.

Main learning objective: This set of resources looks at Christmas in the Great War, especially with regards to presents a soldier might expect to receive and some of the efforts to cheer the men at the front up by those back home, including blackberrying to make jam!  It includes a DT task to recreate a shoebox Christmas parcel to send to a soldier.

Download sources 1-5

Download source 6

Download source 7

Main learning objective: This set of resources looks at the role of women in the Great War and how everything began to change for them.  It includes the following: 

  • A Woman's place word search:  A simple word search and solution with key terms from the war years promoting the idea that attitudes to women were starting to change.
  • No Job For A Lady PowerPoint: The slides examine notions of class and how this affected women at work in the war years together with materials to promote debate and discussion through images, advertisements and real case studies of Gloucestershire women at work.
  • Jobs for the Girls finally:  This is a short research project for whole class or small groups investigating the reality of women's working lives through examination of key sources such as propaganda, posters, photographs, songs and news-worthy events. 


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