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Build Back Better – councillor scheme

A county councillor led community initiative grant programme that is accessible to all community and voluntary groups to provide funding to help communities recover, rebuild and protect themselves from the impacts of COVID-19.

The fund will be a rolling programme over a 4 year period of 2021-2025. Applications will be accepted from 30th July 2021 until 31st January 2025.

What conditions are there for the Build Back Better councillor scheme?

  • The grant is non-transferable and non-recurring.
  • The grant can only be used for the purposes described in your application form, unless otherwise agreed in writing by Gloucestershire County Council.
  • The grantee will ensure that their organisation is properly and appropriately insured at all times for employers’ liability and public liability, and that Gloucestershire County Council is indemnified against any liability arising from any acts, defaults, negligence, financial mismanagement or the closure of the project or organisation in connection with the services carried out with the support of this grant.
  • The grantee will inform Gloucestershire County Council if any member of the management committee, staff or volunteers has any personal or financial interests which may be affected by the grant.
  • The grantee will not knowingly break the law or encourage anyone else to do so.
  • The grant is made on the basis that the project should be able to proceed within 12 months of receiving the grant payment. The grantee will inform Gloucestershire County Council if they are unable to carry out the project, as described in the application form, within the agreed timescales.
  • If it is established that the project will cost less than the grant awarded the grantee will inform the council and refund the difference to the council. 
  • The grant is made on the basis that the grantee agrees to acknowledge the support of Gloucestershire County Council by using the council logo when producing any form of public material, including press releases, leaflets, posters and signage. If your project has a website, our logo must appear on the home page.
  • No part of the grant shall be used for the publication or promotion of any material which in whole or in part appears to be designed to affect public support for any political party or group.
  • The grantee shall not sell or dispose of any equipment or goods purchased with the grant without first receiving the county council’s written consent.  But this shall not apply to any equipment or goods which have reached the end of their economic life.  GCC reserves the right to retain some or all of the proceeds of disposal.
  • Within a month of the project ending the grantee shall submit to the county council an evaluation form which will include the outcomes of the project and the benefits derived from it. Where applicable we will also expect you to collect demographic information (for example, age, gender, ethnicity) to identify who has accessed your project.
  • The council is accountable for the expenditure of public money and grants are made on the basis that confirmation of the expenditure will be sent. The council may request that you submit original copies of your supporting documentation (quotations, comparative prices, copies of invoices / receipts etc.) for the expenditure incurred.  The records should demonstrate that the value for money has been achieved in the procurement of goods and services and that the expenditure has been spent in line with the grant application / funding criteria, including any publicity gained for you project.  If you are not able to provide documented evidence of the use of the grant then there will be a requirement for you to return the funding as unspent grant.
  • Payments from the fund will only be made into a bank account held and operated by the applying entity.  All applicants must be financially viable; have clear financial controls and produce annual accounts (or management approved accounts), we may ask for these to be submitted on application.  (In the case of applicants in their first year of activity where no accounts are available, you may still receive a grant but we may contact you for further information).
  • The grantee shall keep all receipts and documentation relating to the project for at least six years after the receipt of the grant.  At any time during this period, officers, or an authorised member of staff, will also reserve the right to undertake compliancy visits to projects to ensure that funding has been used appropriately.  All records need to be maintained in a format suitable for inspection.
  • During the operation of the project the grantee shall adopt and maintain equal opportunity and anti-discriminatory practices and have any appropriate safeguarding polices / procedures in place. The county council may ask for evidence of this as part of the application process.
  • Your organisation name and the amount you have been awarded will be published on the Gloucestershire County Council website.
  • It is vital communities are kept informed about how the county council is spending public money and that high levels of participation are encouraged in your activity.  Publicity and communications can help achieve this.  If your application is successful we will need you to proactively promote your activity and the county council’s funding support.
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