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Meet our colleagues

Our colleagues share why they love working for Gloucestershire Children's Services

A bit about me

I began at GCC as an ASYE social worker. I completed my ASYE year and was able to continue working in the same team. After a couple of years I decided to try and move up to a Senior Social Worker role which I achieved. There have been opportunities to move up to be an Advanced Practitioner but I have chosen not to do that at this time. There are always opportunities to move and develop as a Social Worker if that is what you want to do. You can also stay put when you are enjoying your role and there is no pressure to progress.

I love my job

I really enjoy the role I do. I often see other Social Work roles advertised but I can’t imagine myself doing any other role. I like working directly with children, foster carers and adopters and helping to secure permanence for children who cannot live with their birth family. I like seeing the change in the children over a number of years and them being proud of their achievements.

I work in a really great team.

Everyone is supportive of each other which makes things easier when faced with a challenging situation. Without that support it would be a very different job.

We can go into the office as much or as little as we want. Now that most people work from home there are usually desks available. We have a laptop available for home use and you can order any additional equipment you need such as a second screen. We have a team meeting together at the office once per month.

I really value the supervision support I receive 

I have a fairly stable case load as we work long term with most of the children. I have supervision every month with my manager which is invaluable and gives me the opportunity to talk through any challenges and think of solutions. I can also have reflective supervision with our Head of Service and Service Manager for more complex problems. I have used these sessions on a number of occasions, and they’ve helped us achieve really positive outcomes for the children. There is also group supervision within my team run by the Advanced Practitioner. It is really helpful to get together with colleagues to share ideas and learn new things. I have attended the essentials training modules provided by the  Social Work Academy. There are opportunities for attending training outside the organisation as well.

The work we do is very rewarding

It is really lovely to see the progress children make in foster or adoptive families. It is nice to be able to celebrate children’s achievements with them and see them overcome the barriers they faced in their earlier years.

Gloucestershire is a great place to live and work

I grew up in Gloucestershire and had always planned to work here once I had qualified. I was very pleased to pass my interview. I enjoy working in an area I know and grew up in as I feel I am helping my own community. Gloucestershire has large towns as well are rural communities so you get a good mix of environments to work in.

I'd recommend GCC to anyone

I would encourage people to join Gloucestershire County Council. There are lots of opportunity to develop and learn and lots of different roles available to suit your interest. 

Flexible working supports my work life balance

There is good flexibility in working hours. I do a 9 day fortnight. It requires me to work for longer on 9 days and then I get the 10th day off. This has made a huge difference to my work/life balance and I can look forward to a break during the week and can plan to do things on my day off that I may struggle to fit in at the weekend.



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