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Meet our colleagues

Our colleagues share why they love working for Gloucestershire Children's Services

Working in the UK for the first time

Being an Social Worker from overseas and transitioning and working for the first time in the UK, I felt respected at every level from Day 1. Now, almost a year in, I feel my skills and training are being utilized in a way that matters to children.

Great support for employees

GCC is a great employer and everything is systematic. They are also a very humane organisation who support their employees.

I am supported by regular supervisions and on-the-job as well as parallel trainings.

I have good relationship with my managers and teams which helps regulate my caseloads according to my capacity at the time. We hang out outside of work as well, to play squash or grab a meal after a particularly long day. It is these little things on a daily basis that make me feel supported. 

Gloucestershire is beautiful

There are times when I would (still) deliberately take a wrong turn from what Google Maps suggests just to take in the beautiful views the area has to offer. I simply love it here.

I've been able to hone my skills

Although I was already well qualified and experienced elsewhere, the Social Work Academy and the ongoing training I receive has helped me truly understand the work arena better. There is an enormous wealth of information with the experienced workers of various teams and this has offered me an opportunity to hone my skills.

Ability to balance my work and life

The best part about working for GCC is the ability to balance my work and life. The weekends and holidays are stress free and there is an extremely humane approach to approving leave. I feel that my personal needs are well respected.

Making a difference is rewarding

When a child remembers my name and/or waves at me from across the school, it makes up for all the times I felt that what I was doing was not enough.

I love the work I do

I work for GCC because I love the work I do, while being able to lead the life I desire for me and my family.

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