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At Gloucestershire County Council, we have some of the most passionate and dedicated staff who are committed to building the best service for children, young people and families in Gloucestershire. Here you can find out all about the people who make up our service.


Rob Tyrrell, Principal Social Worker

'...It is such an exciting time to become a part of Gloucestershire Children’s services. We have done a lot of thinking about how we do things, how we speak to each other and how we work with each other. This is a really good point to be thinking ‘yes, I would like to be here’.

The great thing about living and working in Gloucestershire is that it’s stunning. I’m a keen cyclist so the hills are GREAT! We have beautiful countryside and although it’s a huge county, it feels quite small, you get to know your way around. It really is a beautiful place to live...'

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Kelly Routledge, Newly Qualified Social Worker (ASYE)

'...The ASYE programme includes a lot of training such as court training, child protection, how to take on more complex caseloads etc. The ASYE programme provides really good supervision through group supervision and reflection groups. You also have a portfolio to complete including observations and feedback – similar to university but at the next level.

I had excellent training from the beginning. I had an induction programme when I started, I have shadowed other social workers in the team at all levels from Advanced Practitioners to Newly Qualified social workers. My manager has been fantastic, always checking in to make sure I was getting the support I need. I have regular supervisions which are reflective and give me a chance to talk about my work and the families I’m working with...' 

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Phil James, Advanced Practitioner
'...Throughout my career here at GCC, I’ve always received great supervision and support from managers and colleagues to develop my career and take up training opportunities.  Sometimes I’ve had a busy workload and been faced with difficult decisions, but I’ve always had support and advice to help with this.  

What I enjoy most about my current role, is the diversity of the children and families I work with in Gloucester.  I live in Bristol, but to me, it’s worth the commute to work at GCC. I often use the journey to and from work to reflect on my day’s work which helps me to relax as I have a very busy personal life...'

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Rachel Smith, Head of Service

'...At GCC, career progression is really important and if like me, you have the drive and potential to progress, you will be supported to do so.

Now I’m a head of service, I know what it’s like to manage social workers but I also know what its like to do the frontline work. Although very rewarding, social work is a difficult and often a thankless task which is why it’s important to me to make sure my staff feel valued and respected. Supervision and support is also really essential to me which is why I operate a ‘door is always open’ policy. I know all my staff and I try my best to give them the support they need and they know that they can come to me if they need extra support.

Gloucestershire is a great place to live and work. It is such a diverse county and really has something for everyone...'

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Grace Siaba, Social Worker 

'...I have received good support in terms of supervision. I received regular supervision as well as support from experienced social workers. In my supervisions I was able to reflect on my practice and ask questions when I wasn’t sure about what I was doing. I was supported in all areas of my work and received a lot of support from the Practice Learning Team who provided me with a variety of learning resources which was useful as a Newly Qualified Social Worker. They really helped me get where I am today.

I enjoy what I do. I enjoy working with children. It’s a real privilege to work with children and families and making sure I am the key person who can make change...'  

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Natalie Meakin, Advanced Practitioner

'...When I first started work at GCC, I had lots of positive support and supervision which I felt was very helpful. The training opportunities and mentoring available is definitely a positive part of working here. During my career, I’ve been involved in many challenging safeguarding situations which has really helped me to develop confidence in my ability to deal with a wide range of difficult situations.

For me, Gloucestershire is a great place to work as it’s an accessible area with good transport links to other cities. The part of my job I enjoy most is the diversity of the children and families I work with, we work with people from a wide range of different backgrounds and cultures..'

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Kayleigh Laws, Advanced Practitoner

'...The career progression at GCC is really good. There is a real drive to move from social worker to senior social worker and advanced practitioner, if you want to. There are great opportunities for social workers here which is brilliant.

Gloucestershire is a lovely place to work. There is a real community feel in Gloucestershire. Everything is quite close and

partner agencies are close together too. That’s a really nice part of working here'.

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Jess Roberts, Fostering Social Worker

'...I love the support and supervision I get in my team, my manager has been there for a long time so she knows what she’s doing and I feel I can really learn and grow.

In my supervisions I feel supported but not only from my manager but the entire team. The team is really strong and we have a close cohort of social workers and support workers who all work really well together.

This career is not for the faint hearted, but those in Social Work know that. It is high challenge but also high reward. Part of why I like working here is the other opportunities you can have. I am hoping to be part of the Practice Educator role, helping newly qualified students coming into GCC, to learn and grow, giving back to the next generation of social workers...'

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