Jess Roberts, Fostering Social Worker

Hi, my name is Jess Roberts and I am a fostering social worker

I started in Gloucestershire County Council (GCC) in May 2016 in the Friends and Families team and recently moved into the Fostering Recruitment team which I really like. I love the support and supervision I get in my team, my manager has been there for a long time so she knows what she’s doing and I feel I can really learn and grow.

In my supervisions I feel supported but not only from my manager but the entire team. The team is really strong and we have a close cohort of social workers and support workers who all work really well together.

This career is not for the faint hearted, but those in Social Work know that. It is high challenge but also high reward. Part of why I like working here is the other opportunities you can have. I am hoping to be part of the Practice Educator role, helping newly qualified students coming into GCC, to learn and grow, giving back to the next generation of social workers.

The most challenging part of being a social worker is that when it’s tough, its really tough. Social work by nature is working with the hardest and most challenging issues like poverty, sexual abuse, trauma and you have to find a way to let it go and not take it home with you. I think that’s the biggest lesson for any Social Worker coming into the role but you will find that anywhere you go.

Things at GCC are improving, things are changing, things are exciting. GCC is trying to make everyone feel more valued. I have just started the cycle to work scheme which I really like because as a social worker, sometimes you don’t get time to exercise after work or before work. This way I can make that part of my daily routine.  

My Manager is also really flexible about working from home. All of these things add up to make it a great place to work. Plus, Gloucestershire is such a beautiful county. From top to bottom you have the Cotswolds where you have old cobblestone buildings and its really amazing heritage. Then you can go all the way to Stroud where the farmers market is one of a kind. I think there are amazing places to live and work around the county.



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