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Part 4 - Cabinet procedure rules

Below are the Cabinet procedure rules.

6.1         A key decision is a decision that may be taken by the Cabinet, a Cabinet committee, Leader of the Council, Cabinet Member or any Officer under powers delegated to them and which, if implemented, would be likely to:

6.1.1             Result in the County Council incurring expenditure that is, or the making of savings that are, significant having regard to the County Council’s budget for the service or function to which the decision relates; or

6.1.2             Be significant in terms of its effects on communities living or working in an area comprising two or more county electoral divisions in the county.

6.2         As a general rule, a decision will fall into paragraph 6.1.1 if the value of any expenditure or saving exceeds £500,000 unless the County Council’s Chief Financial Officer and Monitoring Officer certify that it would not be a key decision and state their reasons for this conclusion in writing.

6.3       In view of the importance of key decisions, they should normally only be taken by the Cabinet and then only if the rules set out in paragraph 5 of the Rules on Access to Information about the County Council’s Formal Business have been complied with. In certain special cases, the Cabinet, Leader of the Council, Cabinet Member or an Officer acting under delegated powers may depart from the rules that govern the making of key decisions. The circumstances in which this may be done are set out in the Rules on Access to Information about the County Council’s Formal Business.

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