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Part 4 - Cabinet procedure rules

Below are the Cabinet procedure rules.

Who presides?

8.1         If the Leader of the County Council is present, they will preside, and if they are absent the Deputy Leader will preside. If both are absent then a person nominated by the Leader of the County Council will preside.

Who may attend?

8.2         Members of the Council who are not Cabinet Members may attend meetings of the Cabinet and may speak with the consent of the Cabinet. The presumption is that this facility will be used, predominately, to enable a local Member access on occasions when an item being considered is likely to relate to the electoral division the Member represents.

8.3         The Cabinet may invite any individual (whether or not a County Councillor) to attend a meeting of the Cabinet to assist or advise the Cabinet but such an individual shall not have voting rights.

Authority of the person presiding

8.4       At a meeting of the Cabinet, the ruling of the person presiding on the meaning or application of the Constitution or as to any proceedings of the Cabinet shall be final and shall not be challenged by any Member. Such ruling will have regard to the purposes of the Constitution contained in Article 1.

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