Part 4 - Contract Standing Orders

Below are the Contract Standing Orders.

14.1     Contracts for service concessions and contracts for goods, services and works of total value below the relevant EU thresholds, shall be tendered if they equal or exceed the financial values set out in CSO 9.3 or 9.4

14.2     All tender opportunities must be advertised via the Council’s e-procurement system in line with the appropriate levels in CSOs 9.3 and 9.4

14.3   Award

  1. a) Any Contract(s) shall be awarded to the supplier(s) whose tender(s) best meet(s) the previously published award criteria.
  2. b)  Award may be made on the basis of only:
  3. i) the ‘most economically advantageous tender’ (which is equivalent to the best value for money); or
  4. ii) the lowest price
  5. c)  If awarding on the basis of the ‘most economically advantageous tender’ (the best value for money), an Authorised Officer shall use criteria linked to the subject matter of the contract.
  6. d) If, having completed tender evaluation, the Director or otherwise Authorised Officer believes that one (or more) tender(s) offers good value for money to the Council, they may award a contract to this supplier (or suppliers).
    e)  When awarding any contract for goods, services or works which in aggregate value exceeds the EU threshold; an Authorised Officer shall apply a minimum ten (10) day Standstill Period and provide, with the Standstill notice, sent to all tenderers and candidates, full reasons for the decision, including the characteristics and relative advantages of the successful tenderer.
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