Part 4 - Contract Standing Orders

Below are the Contract Standing Orders.

3.1       These Contract Standing Orders apply to all Officers of the Council. Officers must ensure that any agents, consultants and contractual partners acting as procurement agents on behalf of the Council also comply with these Contract Standing Orders.

3.2       It is a disciplinary offence for officers not to comply with these Contract Standing Orders.

3.3       Directors must ensure that their staff comply with these Contract Standing Orders.

3.4       An Authorised Officer must not seek or accept technical advice on the preparation of a request for quotation or an Invitation to tender from any party which may have a commercial interest in the procurement if this may prejudice the equal treatment of all potential suppliers or distort competition.

3.5       Authorised Officers may award contracts and place orders and requisitions that comply with these Contract Standing Orders provided that:

  1. a) the financial values and commitments are within approved budget estimates and

      within their delegated responsibility;

2.    b) they are within the Council’s legal powers;
3.    c) where the contract involves the transfer of Council staff, or former Council  staff who have previously been the subject of an outsourcing of service, the authorised officer is acting in accordance the Direction made by the Secretary of State under section 102 of the Local Government Act 2003 (pension provision) or any replacement.

3.6       Directors must ensure that schemes of authorisation exist identifying which officers have responsibility and the level of their financial delegation for:

  1. a) authorising orders and the payment of invoices
  2. b) agreeing tender and quotation processes
  3. c) approving tender and contract documents
  4. d) holding and opening returned tenders (CSO 13.4)
  5. e) awarding contracts
  6. f) managing contracts in line with the council’s Contract Management Framework, including performance monitoring and the agreement of specification and price   variations
  7. g) arrangements for the management of the contract

3.7       Directors must ensure that officers undertaking procurement and commissioning have skills, competencies, and knowledge appropriate to the scope, risk and complexity of their activity.

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