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Part 4 - Policy framework and budget procedure rules

Below is the policy framework and budget procedure rules.

2.1         The Cabinet will publicise a timetable for making proposals to the full Council for the adoption of a plan, strategy or budget that forms part of the Policy Framework and budget, and its arrangements for consultation after publication of those initial proposals. The Chair of the relevant Scrutiny Committee(s) will be notified at the same time.  The Cabinet will ensure that the consultation process is adequate and allows for meaningful dialogue with those involved.

2.2         At the end of the period of consultation, the Cabinet will then draw up proposals having regard to the responses to consultation.  If a relevant Scrutiny Committee wishes to respond to the Cabinet during the consultation process then it may do so. Additionally, at the request of full Council or Cabinet, a relevant Scrutiny Committee may assist in the policy development by undertaking in depth analysis of policy options. The Cabinet will take any response from a Scrutiny Committee into account in drawing up firm proposals for submission to the full Council, and its report will reflect the comments made by consultees and the Cabinet’s response.

2.3         Once the Cabinet has approved its final proposals, they will be referred to the full Council for decision.

2.4         The full Council will consider the proposals of the Cabinet and may adopt them, amend them, refer them back to the Cabinet for further consideration, or substitute its own proposals in their place. Any amendment to the proposed budget must be certified by the Chief Financial Officer at least 5 working days prior to the relevant full Council meeting as being reasonably calculated and sufficiently deliverable as to be robust and sustainable in the medium term.

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