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Part 4 - Policy framework and budget procedure rules

Below is the policy framework and budget procedure rules.

3.1         The full Council’s decision on the Policy Framework or budget will be publicised and a copy given to the Leader of the Council. The notice of decision will be dated and will state either that the decision will be effective immediately (if the full Council accepts the Cabinet’s proposals without amendment) or (if the Cabinet’s proposals are not accepted without amendment), that the full Council’s decision will become effective on the expiry of five working days after the publication of the notice of the decision, unless the Leader of the Council objects to it in that period.

3.2         If the Leader of the Council objects to the decision of the full Council, then they shall give notice to the Chief Executive to that effect stating the reasons for the objection.

3.3         If the Leader makes an objection under paragraph 3.2, the Chief Executive shall convene a further meeting of the full Council, which must reconsider its decision.  The decision shall not be effective until after that meeting has been held.

3.4         If the Leader of the Council considers the matter does not necessitate the calling of a special Council meeting, then the matter will be considered at the next ordinary meeting of the full Council.

3.5         In the event that a special meeting is required, that meeting must take place within 21 days of the receipt of the Leader’s written objection.

3.6         At the relevant full Council meeting, its decision will be reconsidered in the light of the objection, which will be available in writing for the full Council.

3.7         The full Council will, at that meeting, make its final decision on the matter on the basis of a simple majority. The decision shall be made public and shall be implemented immediately.

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