Part 4 - Rules of access to information about the County Council's formal business

Below are the rules of access to information about the County Council's formal business.

  1. If the Cabinet, Leader of the Council, a Cabinet Member or any Officer acting under delegated powers believes a decision must be made so urgently that it is impracticable to give the five days notice that is required under the “general exception rule” it may nevertheless make the decision if the Chief Executive has given written notice of the key decision to the Chair of the relevant Scrutiny Committee (or the Chair of the Council if they are unable to act) and that Chair agrees that the decision may be made. A notice setting out the reasons why the decision is urgent and cannot reasonably be deferred must be made available at Shire Hall and published on the Council’s web site.
  2. In order that the Council may be confident key decisions are only made under the urgency procedure when there are good reasons for doing so the Leader of the Council will make a report to the full Council every three months on the use of this power. The report will summarise how many decisions were made under the urgency procedure in the previous three months and describe the subject matter of each of those decisions.
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