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Part 4 - Rules of procedure

Below are the rules of procedure.

18.1       Member speaking

When a Member wishes to speak, they will indicate that to the Chair whilst remaining seated. No Member will speak unless called on to do so by the Chair. When called to speak the Member will normally stand, unless that is not appropriate for the individual, and address the meeting through the Chair. If two or more Members indicate that they wish to speak, the Chair will ask one to speak and the other(s) will remain silent. While a Member is speaking other Members shall remain silent unless raising a point of order or in personal explanation. 

18.2       Respect for the Chair

Whenever the Chair indicates that they wish to speak during a debate the rest of the Council shall be silent. 

18.3       Member discipline

If a Member persistently disregards the ruling of the Chair or behaves improperly or offensively or deliberately obstructs business, the Chair may move that the Member shall not be heard further. If seconded, the motion will be voted on without discussion.

18.4       Member to leave the meeting

If the Member continues to behave improperly after a motion under 18.3 is carried, the Chair may move that either the Member leaves the meeting or that the meeting is adjourned for a specified period. If seconded, the motion will be voted on without discussion. 

18.5       General disturbance

If there is a general disturbance which the Chair decides makes orderly business impossible, the Chair may adjourn the meeting for as long as they think necessary.

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