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Part 4 - Rules of procedure

Below are the rules of procedure.

28.1       The application of this Procedural Standing Order applies to all Council bodies except for the full Council meetings, Cabinet and the Pensions Committee.  In relation to the following Council bodies, this Procedural Standing Order can only be applied where the substitute Member has undertaken the same training as the appointed Member of the relevant Council body:

Appeals Committee, Planning Committee, Safety and Licensing Committee, Commons and Rights of Way Committee and Traffic Regulation Committee.

28.2       Political groups will be entitled to substitute up to 50% of their members on Committees which allow substitutes (this would be rounded up in cases where a political group has an odd number of seats on a particular Committee) in accordance with their political balance and Procedural Standing Order 28.1.

28.3       A substitute Member will only attend a meeting if the appointed Member cannot do so.

28.4       Attendance of a substitute at a forthcoming meeting will be notified to the committee administrator as soon as possible and by no later than half an hour before the start of the meeting.

28.5       Notice of substitution shall be given either by the absent Member or by their political group representative.

28.6       At the commencement of a meeting where substitution has taken place, the Members shall be advised of the substitution.

28.7     During the period of substitution, the substitute Member shall be a full Member of the particular body for all purposes.

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