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Part 4 - Rules of procedure

Below are the rules of procedure.

3.1         Calling extraordinary meetings

              Those listed below may require the Chief Executive to call a Council meeting in addition to ordinary meetings: 

3.1.1             The Council by resolution;

3.1.2             The Chair of Council, in response to a written request from five County Councillors;

When five County Councillors give written notice of their wish to call a meeting, the Chair may: 

  • Call a meeting within a reasonable time;
  • Refuse to call a meeting;
  • Take no action;

If the Chair refuses to call a meeting or takes no action within seven days, the five named County Councillors may require the Chief Executive to convene a meeting on a date which they will determine. The Chief Executive shall then convene the meeting on the specified date. 

3.1.3           The Monitoring Officer. 

3.2         Business

In addition to the business specified below, extraordinary meetings of the full Council shall only deal with the business set out in the agenda: 

3.2.1             Elect a person to preside if the Chair and Vice-Chair of the Council are not present;

3.2.2             Approve the minutes of the last meeting (if available).

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