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Part 5 - Code of Conduct for Employees

This Code of Conduct includes confidential reporting procedure (whistle-blowing) for employees other than for staff in educational establishments (for whom a separate code exists).

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  1. The purpose of this Code is to give all employees guidance on how the County Council and the public in general expect them to behave. If the Code is followed then staff should not find themselves in a situation where their conduct could create an impression of conflict of interest or corruption in the minds of the public. If staff are unsure of the standards expected of them guidance should be sought from their Director or, in the case of Directors, the Chief Executive.
  2. The areas covered by this Code are as follows:
  • Standards;
  • Personal Appearance;
  • Use of the Council’s Facilities and Equipment;
  • Fraud and Corruption;
  • Gifts, Hospitality and Sponsorship;
  • Register of Gifts and Hospitality;
  • Disclosure and Use of Information;
  • Political Neutrality;
  • Relationships;
  • Appointments and Other Employment Matters;
  • Undertaking Additional Outside Work;
  • Arrest or Conviction on Civil or Criminal Charges;
  • Membership of Clubs, Societies and other Organisations;
  • Equality Issues;
  • Health and Safety Issues;
  • Breaches of the Code of Conduct.
  • Confidential Reporting Procedure (Whistle-blowing);
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