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Part 5 - Code of Conduct for Employees

This Code of Conduct includes confidential reporting procedure (whistle-blowing) for employees other than for staff in educational establishments (for whom a separate code exists).

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  1. Employees involved in the tendering process and dealing with contractors should understand the separation of client and contractor roles within the Council. Senior employees who have both client and contractor responsibilities must be aware of the need for accountability and openness.
  2. Employees who are privy to confidential information in respect of tenders or costs for either internal or external contractors must not disclose that information to any unauthorised person or organisation or use it for any unauthorised purposes.
  3. Employees should ensure that no special favour is shown to current or recent former employees or their partners, close relatives or associates in awarding contracts to businesses run by them or employing them in a senior or relevant managerial capacity.
  4. Employees must not use their position and knowledge of the Council to gain access to and provide information which puts a particular contractor or anyone else in a better position than any other contractor tendering to undertake work or to provide services or supplies.
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